The Best Software Tool To Boost Bookings, Leads And Sales With Engaging Chatbot Conversations! 

“The idea isn’t to replace human marketers and salespeople, it’s to supplement their efforts. And when it comes to responding to new leads as quickly as possible, 24/ 7, there’s no denying the effectiveness of intelligent chatbots.”David Cancel, Conversational Marketing: How the World's Fastest Growing Companies Use Chatbots to Generate Leads 24/7/365 


All links that take you to the ConversioBot official website are affiliate links. That means when you make a purchase at the official website,  I will be compensated for a job well done in spreading the word and successfully reaching out to you on behalf of ConversioBot.  However, this does not change the price of ConversioBot in any way.

WARNING! (please read attentively)

I am a PRO ConversioBot user. As such, I run the risk of this presentation being viewed as "biased" 😞However, I am sincerely saying it as it is in my profound opinion, basing on the experience that I have with the software so far. 👌

Besides, (very important) I did not set out to compare ConversioBot with any other conversational marketing software out there. I am simply being transparent and sharing what I know from my experience using ConversioBot software.

I honestly and strongly  believe that ConversioBot can, and will help any business looking into increasing their conversion rates, regardless of the conversion goal; (click, lead, listbuilding, booking, sale, profit and more.

I can't help it but be openely pro ConversioBot because it made a significant difference to my business. The very first time I used ConversioBot I had 11 sales💰 after a long spell of no sales at all. 

This absolutely blew me away! Well this presentation is not about me. The point here is that I leave it for you to decide for yourself, but I will guide you with as much as I know.

Most importantly however, this presentation is to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Nonetheless, looking at how the world communicates today, this review shares facts and opinions about ConversioBot conversational marketing software tool. Allow yourself to have an open-mind and discover how you can tap into ConversioBot's power to  improve your business' ROI. 

Above all, having a conversation with your clients makes them feel comfortable and included. They also feel welcome, making the whole process of acquiring a customer smooth.

You can leverage the conversational capability of ConversioBot to "effortlessly"engage your prospects and get quality leads, thereby experiencing  the power of this relatively inexpensive and simple marketing tool.

1. The Aim Of This Presentation

The aim of this presentation is to help businesses that are struggling to get quality leads or failing to influence their website visitors into taking a desired action. 

A proven solution to this marketing shortcoming is effective interaction and engagement with your website visitors. 

ConversioBot is an interactive conversational marketing software that is already helping a lot of small to medium businesses to increase their leads and sales through effective prospect engagement, and efficient prospect qualifying process

Unlike boring traditional landing pages, the conversation can be made interesting and non-invasive.

Perhaps you are just starting up and do not have a website. This conversioBot presentation will help you to decide if it is worth considering taking up ConversioBot as a business moving forward.

Further, this presentation serves to inform  and confirm to you that ConversioBot is NOT a scam, but a legitimate conversational marketing software with its company's Main offices located in Manchester, United Kingdom. 


Ultimately this ConversioBot presentation is an all round insight and a guide to help you make an informed purchase decision.

2. Introduction

Stop Struggling For Leads, Bookings And Sales

Are you struggling for leads, bookings and sales?  Here is the solution: Start engaging your website visitors and customers more with ConversioBot! 

So many business owners struggle to convert their website visitors into leads and sales. Maybe you do not have a website and you do your marketing entirely through Social Media or Videos, you need to engage your prospects and convert them into sales.

Perhaps you are a Consultant or a Freelancer and struggle to convert your Website Visitors into Clients. The bottom line is this: In order to thrive and stay in business, all businesses must ultimately have sales and profits.💰

It is increasingly becoming difficult to get quality leads and even if you got the leads, turning them into sales is becoming competitively demanding. Sometimes you get leads that don't end up converting because they were not properly sourced.

Having a chat with your prospects from the moment they land on your website will help you get quality leads. You would know if they are a proper fit for your products at the first point of contact. Establishing this at the earliest opportunity is fair for both the prospect and you.

Of course you could use a Live Chat app on your Website and hire Chat Agents. But only if you’ve got deep pockets for it, and you can happily afford to fork out thousands of dollars for the quality you need.

Besides, trying to fix your site’s conversion rate could take many months of hard work.

Huge fortune 500 Companies such as FaceBook, Disney, Spotify and Mastercard just to name a few, have invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to increase their chances of getting quality leads and converting them into sales.

ConversioBot Software Product Image

The power of ConversioBot is that it can interact and engage your customer.

 Conversational artificial intelligence asks customers what their problems are, and uses questions to qualify them better as potential leads.

Engaging Visitors At The Earliest Opportunity

Qualifying leads as they come by using conversational marketing allows you to engage customers in an entirely new way – don’t waste your time trying to convert prospects who might not even need what you have to offer.

 Instead, use conversational marketing to find out what exactly they need. Then present your offer to them with confidence! 

Use stories about your products or services that show how other people have used those products or services in similar situations. 

This will help you to connect with customers on a personal and rewarding level.

3. Enter ConversioBot 

What If:-

Affordable Artificial Intelligence (AI) For All

With ConversioBot, you can realize all of the above at an affordable price. "AI" Technology is no longer reserved for HUGE fortune 500, thanks to ConversioBot!

Now you too can automatically get quality leads and convert them into sales using conversational marketing. Businesses are using Chatbots to interact with people on their Websites as well as through Social Media.


If you are using FaceBook messenger, chances are you have at one time interacted with a chatbot.

Chatbots are the latest powerful way for businesses to get more leads and sales without having to pay ridiculous costs on Live Chat agent employees. 

This presentation is about ConversioBot, a cutting-edge Conversational Marketing Software which uses "Artificial Intelligence" (A.I) Technology similar to that used by HUGE Fortune 500 companies, without costing an arm and a leg.

4. Overview

What Is ConversioBot?

ConversioBot is a user friendly cloud-based interactive conversational marketing software tool that is designed to increase your business leads and sales through effective prospect engagement.

Being cloud-based, there is nothing to install, you simply login to the app and use the simple “drag and drop” builder to create a Chatbot for your Website in minutes. (This is easy, you do not need technical skills)

ConversioBot is an evolving platform and new features are added time and again to enhance capability of this software. 

Currently, ConversioBot has 3 in one platform comprising website chatbot, WhatsApp and FaceBook Messenger Chatbots and, at the time of writing this review,  conversioBot has just launched the handing over to humans capability.(This is important for escalating queries that can not be handled by the chatbot)

Founded by Simon Wood, Giri Prakash and Imran Sadiq, who between themselves have 32 years of experiencee, ConversioBot is one of the leading chatbot and conversational marketing platforms with over 6,000 active users. 

In the ConversioBot presentation below, Simon Wood demonstrates how ConversioBot is such a simple and yet effective tool that can be implemented in minutes.

Video: Watch The Official Product Demo by Simon Wood

Adding the chatbot to your website

ConversioBot offers four fundamental chatbot types 

Widget bot

  In most cases, however, the widget Bot serves to entice and allure the visitor to access the bot. 

Embedded bot

The most prominent place would be where the form is normally placed in a traditional landing page.

Full-page bot

The conversation can be exhilarating and flows logically with a specific aim ( mainly to qualify the prospect), but  without intruding into people's thought process.

Exit bot

The bot will still make a brief conversation to establish why the visitor is not taking your desired call to action, and aims to instantly satisfy that reason to win back the prospect immediately. This bot works wonders!

Who Is ConversioBot For?

ConversioBot conversational marketing software is for any business that is interested in effective engagement of prospects, qualifying and collecting quality leads and having a significant increase in sales and profits.

Types of websites That Are Suitable For ConversioBot

Whilst you do not need a website to benefit from ConversioBot, this "AI" Technology works with;

Almost ANY Website you can think of..

ConversioBot presentation will focus on how ConversioBot elements can be used in the foregoing applications to realize the benefits of conversational marketing. 

In case you are wondering how it can be posible to use ConversioBot in almost any website you can think of, ConversioBot has got you covered. (See integrations below).


Where your application is not in the list below, ConversioBot provides for Web Hook and Zapier which will allow you to open a massive list of integrations inside it. 

Also note that while ConversioBot software tool is written in English, you can design your chatbots in almost any language.

ConversioBot Integrations

ConversioBot integrates with many other platforms

5. ConversioBot's Primary Benefits

Why chatbots are undeniably a way forward

- A chatbot never get tired or take  breaks or  a vaccation. It engages visitors all day long,  365 days a year.

-  Within its limits, a chatbot is designed to be "accurate" and "consistent" everytime.

- A chatbot will engage all visitors at any one time, regardless of how many visitors there are, and what time they land at your website.

6. ConversioBot Platform And Structure

ConversioBot all in one platform

ConversioBot is an evolving software...

ConversioBot log in screen

ConversioBot is a cloud-based app, hence there is nothing to install. 

You simply login to the app and use the simple “drag and drop” builder to create a Chatbot for your Website in minutes. 

ConversioBot dashboard

Once logged in, this is the ConversioBot dashboard.

Effectively, this is ConversioBot product range (at the time of writing this review.) Those ticked green are the products that  the user have access to.

However,  the user must upgrade to have access to the updated products in red. Hence ConversioBot offers different stand alone products that you can independently pay for and activate depending on your specific requirements.

The Main Offer - ConversioBot Pro


 Extreme package also offers the benefits of using your  own custom domain and branding. 

7. ConversioBot Training

 ConversioBot offers three levels of training;

3.1 Live bot clinic-Here you get a chance to watch and ask Simon and Imran as they review customer Bots and share the best tips and methods to produce high converting bots.

3.2 Live Mastermind Q&A:- Selling Bots As A Service - Here you learn all about how to sell bots as a lucrative side hustle, or full time business. 

Be warned!  Any question outside "selling Bots As A Service" won't be answered. This rule applies for other mastermind Q&As. The sessions are strictly  topic specific.✔

 3.3 Live Mastermind Q&A:- Using Bots For Affiliate Marketing - Suitable for all levels experience, in this Q&A you learn hyper profitable Bot strategies for affiliate maketing

Uses for chatbots-Overview: 

Qualify leads, Drive sales, List building, Discounts & offers, Affiliate marketing...

Basic Training 

A typical bite-size basic training video inside ConversioBot.  (for members only)

Simon Wood introduces ConversioBot with short, easy, brief and to the point videos, which I find interesting and very informative, especially if you are new to chatbots.

Build Engaging Chatbots:- 

Keep users engaged and interacting. 

If they stick with you to the end of the conversation, chances are, they will convert into what you want.

Advanced Training 

The key to increasing conversions is to keep your visitor engaged and interacting. 

You achieve this by increasing visitor interaction points within a conversation, and making the chat interesting for them. The aim is to get the visitor to make micro-commitments.

8. Chatbots Are Really Easy To Build From Scratch, Otherwise Just Use Chatbot Templates!

Chatbot design (flow)

Build Conversational flow:- 

You can build a chatbot from scratch using blocks and interacting with the visitor through user response.

chatbot template

Preview Conversational Flow:-

Alternatively, pick one of the many templates, preview  and clone it. Then edit to your taste and publish.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

9. Using A  Done-For-You Pro  Bot Template To Build A Bot...Simply And Quickly

With ConversioBot, it is very easy to have a chatbot up and running within minutes.  

These conversational landing pages are quickly replacing the traditional landing pages / forms.

With practise, the time to set up and launch can be slashed by half to 10 minutes, even less. However, this will vary depending on your chatbot size, purpose and goal.

Pro done-for-you template

Once you click on preview, the chat blocks and messages on the right appears.

Clone the Bot, edit messages to your taste if necessary, and you are good to go!

chat message blocks

Conversational flow message blocks 

These are the building blocks of the chatbot.  As the name suggests, this is the flow of conversation which always begins with an introduction block. 

As you interact with the visitor, you give them options to respond via buttons and, depending on their chosen option, you lead them to another message block that represent their specific need. This is how you qualify the lead.

Introduction block

This is the most important block that contains an introduction. Every chat begin with an introduction block.

(Think about it, you don't just meet a person for the first time and start bombarding them with info.)

This is the very first contact with the visitor. Engage them from the onset and make them commit to a conversation.

Introduction block messages

Edit these messages to suit your taste (approach angle) or use as is.

10. Pros And Cons


I am not going to insult your intelligence by listing the pros of ConversioBot. I have already disclosed that I am a pro ConversioBot user. Effectively all I have been talking about are the pros. However, the video below sums up the uses and benefits of ConversioBot.


11. Video Presentation Of ConversioBot In A Nutshell

Summary of the uses and benefits of ConversioBot conversational marketing software tool. 

12. Summary

The foregoing ConversioBot presentation  explored the uses and benefits of ConversioBot conversational marketig software tool.

The primary aim of ConversioBot presentation was to show the potential software users why they must consider using ConversioBot to exponentially improve/increase their business' bookings, leads and sales.


ConversioBot can be applied to any website.

As well as the product facts, this ConversioBot presentation is a personally informed opinion of a pro ConversioBot user. To that end the legitimacy of ConversioBot is proven.

The presenter put a lot of emphasis on how engaging a website visitor a.k.a. a prospect with a non-invasive conversation and qualifying the lead  at the earliest opportunity are the two essential elements that can significantly increase their conversion rates and their business' return on investment. 

The more you engage your visitor in a marketing conversation is the more you learn and understand them and hence, the better you qualify them.  

The conversation gives you greater understanding of how you can better serve your visitor, or better still, how you can address the visitor's pain points.

ConversioBot gives you an easy solution and an unfair advantage to collect reliable information from the "trusted" source at the earliest opportunity. (At the very beginning of the funnel).

This does not only help you to give the visitor a brilliant user experience, but also increases the chances to turn your visitors into repeated paying customers.

You would unquestionably understand exactly how to help them, afterall they provided first hand "trustworthy" information.  

Bear in mind that when you design your chatbot you are essentially populating the chat with leading questions and giving the most probable answers as responses for your visitor to choose from. 

This is how ConversioBot offers you an unfair advantage. (nothing wrong with that) At this point the conversation is to assess  how to help your prospect the best way you can, and confirm if they are in the right place beforehand.

Conversion rates would skyrocket because you would be helping them with what is specifically in line with what they are looking for.

You will also have captured their information so if you can't help them now, you will be in a position to confidently help them in the future. 

For example if you are building an email list, you will know exactly which list to put your lead into for future marketing correspondence. 

The next time you send an offer to your list, it will  be a highly targeted offer  and without doubt, the email open rate will be high with a greater chance of making  sales.

How can we be so sure? Simple; You qualified your leads, they have already expressed specific interest, and you will just be "providing" what is distinctively in line with their needs.

13. Conclusion

Engaging website visitors and customers in a productive conversation is the most effective marketing strategy to better understand, hence better serve your visitors. 

This does not only give your visitors an awesome experience, but enhances the chances of your visitor converting into your desired action.

ConversioBot does a very smart job at Conversational marketing. It is a beneficial, easy, affordable, effective and intelligent way to engage your visitors.  

With ConversioBot you can successfully and confidently move away from the less engaging static traditional landing pages, and build conversational landing pages that are far more engaging, interesting and less invassive into people's thought process. 

Visitor and customer engagement now rather than later is the best solution to skyrocket conversion rates.

My Recommendation

If you decide to purchase ConversioBot, I highly recommend you get the main offer (ConversioBot pro)  $47--->$37 . The official site is quite big, so look for the long green button at the bottom of the screen to get your discount.

If you can afford to upgrade, go for ConversioBot Extreme $67 so that you can have access to a full-page bot (Interactive Conversational Landing page) to use as a bridge page, and replace the traditional landing page. 

Amongst other benefits, you also get branding opportunity with Conversiobot extreme.