ConversioBot Pricing

Guide To Help You Choose Your ConversioBot Pricing Plan

ConversioBot Pricing -  Everything You Need To Know!

ConversioBot Pricing might seem simple. After all, the software is programmed with simple rules that govern chatbot interactions. 

But what sets ConversioBot apart from other programs is the variety of different ways you can use ConversioBot.  


There are many different things to consider when pricing a conversational software, and it’s important to get it right. 

Pricing a software is not as simple as sticking a price tag on an article of clothing or shoe and putting it on the shelf. 

Here is everything you need to know about ConversioBot pricing so that you can understand  what you get for the price. 

What’s Included in the ConversioBot Pricing?  

ConversioBot pricing comes with a certain level of support, features, and benefits. These features and benefits might not be obvious, but they are what make ConversioBot worth its cost. 

Even so, ConversioBot is competitively priced. So, what exactly does ConversioBot include in its pricing? 


ConversioBot is a Microsoft Cloud-Based Software that fully integrates with Google Analytics, Google™ Ads and Facebook™ (now Meta™) Ads. ConversioBot also fully integrates with Aweber, MailChimp, Getresponse, Maropost, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and Sendlane email service providers.  

ConversioBot has an impressive 99.99% uptime and works with more than one thousand three hundred Apps (1,300+) through integration with Zapier (a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows, according to Wikipedia). 

Moreover, ConversioBot works in any language. 

ConversioBot Offers Two Pricing Plans

ConversioBot Lite Plan $35 per month

Limited to 30,000 Chats

ConversioBot Pro Plan $47->$37 per month

Unlimited Chats

Both the Lite and Pro ConversioBot pricing plans are 100% Beginner friendly and will help you to drive more leads and more sales, through higher prospect engagement.

They work with Wordpress, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Shopify, Wix, all HtML websites and hundreds of other programs. 

Both plans let you create your own chatbots in minutes. Whilst the Lite plan is limited to thirty thousand conversations, Pro plan has unlimited chats. 

CoversioBot is GDPR Compliant, provide step-by-step training videos and offers dedicated support for both plans.  

With everything mentioned above, ConversioBot Lite can get you started. However, Conversiobot Pro has a lot more to offer.

ConversioBot Pricing-Pro Plan 

Besides its premium feature of unlimited chatbots, ConversioBot Pro plan version outperforms the standard Lite version as it comes with a multi-site commercial license that allows you to install chatbots on unlimited websites.


The license opens an opportunity for you to add chatbots to external websites that you don’t control. This is particularly useful for affiliate marketers linking to Vendor’s websites to get more sales.



ConversioBot Pricing-Discount

There are many ways to get a discount on the price of Conversiobot, so there’s no need to worry if you find it too expensive. 

For the benefits you get with this software, ConversioBot is competitively priced. Evenso, there are discounts available at the official site. 

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ConversioBot OTO

Pricing For Different Features

OTO is short for One Time Offer. There can be OTO1, OTO2 and so forth depending on the number of presented offers after the main front end offer. 

These offers are presented once you have purchased the front end offer.  Some people see these offers as upsell after upsell and do not like the strategy.

However, these should not stress you in anyway as they are only necessary if you intend on using specific features such as using bots on facebook, WhatsApp etc. 

Note that all OTOs, a.k.a. upgrades, can only be purchased by those who have purchased ConversioBot front end software ( ConversioBot Lite or ConversioBot Pro). These OTOs are optional upgrades. At a minimum, ConversioBot can function with just the basic offer. The key determining factor is what you intend to use the software for, put that in mind.

OTO1-Done For You Pro $97

This one time offer has the same benefits as offered by ConversioBot Pro above. 

The only notable difference is that you  benefit by having over 100 done-for-you “AI Chat” templates that you can simply edit or use “as is” within minutes. 

As an added FAST ACTION BONUS, you also get shown exactly where VERIFIED companies are paying anywhere from $200 to $500 and more (for bots you can clone in record time!).

These templates include chatbots for E-Commerce, lead generation and list building valued at $197).

OTO 2-Autochatbot Builder $47

As the name suggests, with this one time offer all you do is enter your business related information into a form. Upon submission the chatbot get generated automatically and instantly. This is great if you don't have time to write and build chatbots

OTO 3-ConversioBot Extreme $67

Whereas without extreme features you can only use a widget bot, with this OTO ConversioBot offers extreme features where you also get an embedded bot and a full-page bot. Amongst other benefits with extreme add on you can;

- Automatically open your bot when your visitor lands on the page

- Open your bot one time per visitor

- Open your bot when your visitor hovers over the bot icon

- Open your bot when your visitor hovers over page exit (great for last minute discount offers and gathering more information why the prospect does not convert)

- Choose the times at which your bot will display

With this OTO you can also brand your business and link back to your website or your client's website.

OTO 4-ConversioBot Agency $287

With an agency license you get the following:

A Multi-User License allowing you to Automate & Outsource to your Team or your Online Workers.

As many as 20 Sub-User Accounts- You get to set up your team with access flexibility. You have the choice to assign members of your team to have full access, bot management access or access to reports and analytics.

VIP Step-By-Step Video training on how to outsource to cheap but great Online Workers. (valued at $197)

VIP Step-By-Step Video training  on where to sell your Bots for $200 - $500 and more. (valued at $197)

Done-For-You Sales Templates you can copy & paste to make selling simple (valued at $197)

Done-For-You Agency Website (valued at $997) with stunning design and portfolio of Bots which you can customize.(valued at $997).

Which Plan Should You Choose?

Normally, the best way to decide which plan to choose is to start with the Lite plan. However, looking at the price difference of about $7 or so and the benefits you get from the Pro Plan, it is logical and cost effective to start with the Pro Plan. 

Remember, you need to get either ConversioBot Lite or ConversioBot Pro to have access to OTOs if you ever need any.

If you find that the Pro plan doesn’t offer enough functionality, then step up with add-ons. The Pro plan is likely to be a good fit for most businesses, but you may find that adding specific features is better suited to your needs as your business grows.

In my opinion and basing on my experience with the software, purchasing  ConversioBot Pro as a front end and OTO3 (ConversioBot Extreme) is the most beneficial and cost-effective choice. 

Nevertheless, we all have different business intent so the options are there if needed.

Supposing you want to take up a fully fledged business of developing Bots for other businesses, then an Agency will be your best option. 

Bottom line is that choose according to your business plan, requirements, and needs.

Other Stand Alone Paid Features

Facebook™ BotsUse ConversioBot on Facebook™ 
Leverage the 1.3 Billion users on Messenger without having to learn a new Bot platform. 
Includes a range of advanced features for Messenger marketing.
You also get the Facebook™ version of all unlocked templates in your account. 
WhatsApp™ BotsGet a huge early move advantage by tapping into 2 Billion+ active users of WhatsApp.™ 
Use our done for you WhatsApp™ templates to automatically generate more leads, registrations and sales. 
Build your own WhatsApp™ Bots without needing any special skills. Includes step by step training. 
Human HandoverCombine the automation power of Bots with the human touch. 
Use Bots to do the heavy lifting before handing over the conversation to humans.
Qualify your website visitors to find the best leads for humans. 
Also use live human chat to close sales or book meetings. Includes access to our live chat portal. 

More information can be accessed at the official ConversioBot Pricing site


Pricing is one of the hardest parts of a sales process. No matter how much you think you know about your product, customers will always surprise you. 

Every customer has different needs and expectations, which means that no single pricing strategy can suit all customers. 

Conversiobot pricing is no different. Hence, there are stand alone offers that are priced differently according to their specific features and functionality.

While ConversioBot Lite and ConversioBot Pro pricing are in principle  monthly subscriptions, there are many discounts, and you can lock into a one time low payment